In the core of Finnish culture there are two things – forest and sauna…

Mielikin metsä- Welcome to the Fairytailforests of Finland

Forest is no doupt important to every Finn. It is only very lately that there are Finns who have lived their whole lives in the city without daily, direct contact to the forest. Mielikin metsä introduces you to the traditional ways of the forest, how Finns in the past have seen the forest, how have they live in the forest and what does forest have to offer today.

From the forest to the sauna. After a hard day of work nothing relaxes like a warm sauna. For thousands of year sauna has been the source of wholesome well being of the Finns and traditional Sauna treatments bring you the essence of this ancient wisdom of balance and overall health. 

Mielikin metsä- forest trip:

Suitable for the whole family, 2 hour forest walk. We walk trough the beautiful forest, hear stories about the mythical forest and do small forest-art crafts.

Price: 19 €/person

Participants: 6-20 people

Duration: 2 hours

Mielikin sauna

Have you always heard stories about the finnish sauna? Come and experience it yourself! Traditional sauna, with healing herbs, whisking and traditional sauna runes.

Before you will enter the sauna you will hear about the history of sauna in Finland as well as folklore related to sauna. In the sauna the folkrune sang by your saunahostess will smootly quide you to the core of Sauna and herbal pealing will preapre your skin for a soft healing traditional whisking.

You will be provided the softdrink and water in the sauna. This experience is suitable for the whole family. An experience you will not forget!

Price: 59€/person, ask more about  for our special group offers

Participants: 4-30 people

Duration: 2 hours

The price does not include possible rent of the sauna. 

Traditional sauna treatment and healing whisking

Healing sauna treatment for individuals, couples or small groups. 

Includes herbal skin pealing, whisking treatment with different types of whisks( for example birch, oak, maple or juniper),soft massage and traditional sauna runes.

Duration: 1-2 hours

Price: 1-2 persons 119€, 2-4 persons 199€ ( incl. VAT 24%) in Helsinki Region.

The price does not include possible cost for the rent of the sauna.